12"x12"Apples and a Tangerine

I’ve struggled with this little oil painting for 3 days now! I keep thinking it would be easy, its just apples, but I’ve really struggled to achieve the form. I haven’t finished yet, there are still issues with form, but its a lot better than it was

IMG 0413

12"x12" Evening light with some snow

1 hour oil sketch. My aim is to explore oils. I did this after TWO days of struggling with a formal 9x9 still life (apples) 


House illustration

IMG 0253

Finished. Just given this to our neighbours who were delighted. It was an interesting project, I was pleased with the brickwork which is one of the main features of this beautiful house.



Painting for friends who are moving and wanted a memory of their house.  The house is almost done but what am I going to place around the houses to give the house a sense of its place.

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