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One of my favourite plants. Tried a background with this one, however, I think I like my clean white backgrounds, and the detail I usual do on the leaves. This painting feels unfinished.

Budleija Butterfly plant

I did start this study thinking I would draw a botanical drawing, this would mean an accurate drawing. A good opportunity to practice observational measuring, colour mixing and composition. However, it became very clear to me, that I really dont enjoy it! its very labourious and I’m just too impatient and I kept getting sidetracked with the lines and spaces and playing with paint. Im am happy with this drawing, enjoying the delicate pattern. 

Yellow Iris by my pond

My pond is full of life this time of year and these iris entice bubble bees. They are so bright and cheerful, as the sun, shines through the petals, they become golden. I’ve used gold ink in this drawing for that reason, also I had planned to add my surving goldfish, but changed my mind. There is a delicate fearthery seed head that sways in the wind, I wanted to have a go at painting this white and fluffy plant altering the colours to contrast with the yellows and greens.

Langley Wood May 2018 A3 Pen&Ink with Watercolour

Langley Wood is my favourite wood, managed by Natural England, the wild flowers are everywhere. There is a field of wildgarlic, walking through the smell is amazing, next comes a woodland floor full of our English bluebells with its delicate scent. Best to visit in the evening as the blue/purple shimmers in the low light.  The acid yellow of the hellebore is a powerful backdrop.


Its cold and grey still, but that doesn’t stop the spring flowers! These are the spanish bluebells in my garden. The English Bluebells are very different, hope to see them soon in my local woods, delicate and beautifully scented. Forget me nots are also scented symbolising true love and remperance.

Sparrow in Spring. (Feb 2018)

Sparrows are singing in my garden even though its really cold. The beast of the East has arrived with -5 daytime temperatures and a good dump of snow, closing the road for a day. My studio is warm and cosy! Giving me time to finish this sketch.

February 2018 Spring drawing

Lastest study, Its cold, very wet outside but when you look there is lots of colour, I am very fond of watching the wren that visits my garden, it will scurry around the undergrowth. So this is why the middle of the painting is dense. 

February 2018 Forest finds

My work is focusing on nature, recording the changes through the seasons as I collect bits and bobs from my landscape. My studies have been inspired by the japanese woodcuts not just the intricate simplicity, colours but their interest in space and composition.

Lavendar and Rose August 2017

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