Revisiting my Landscape


Painting selected for ArtCare Exhibition


Delighted to have this painting selected for the ArtCare Exhibition held in all the corridors of  Salisbury Odstock Hospital (Its one of my favourites!) Hope you can visit the exhibition. It will run from Friday 27 March – Sunday 10 May 2015 and is free of charge to visitors. Main corridors have 24 hour access and department areas inc. Medical Surgical and Endoscopy corridors are closed from 5pm and at weekends 

Burst of Orange

IMG 0570

Finished! hoping it dries in time for ArtCare Exhibition.

HangerFarm Exhibition

invite 2

Hope you can come to the preview, or visit the exhibition.  The painting show on the invite is one of mine The Girl with the Trout… its one of those moments that just go in a flash, every moment matters.

Burst of orange 2015 oil painting 12x12


Not finished, I want to play with values, really give a sense of perspective by dulling down the background.  I hope to give real texture in the foreground and contrast my markmaking to give the sense of lightness. The burst of orange is the reason for the painting.

Sun on a Winter field (2015) 12”x12"

IMG 0541

Finished today… I think, this one has been really tricky, but I think I’m going to leave it for a while. The beauty of the early morning gentle light warming the winter field was stunning.

Sun on a Winters field 2015 oil on canvas (12”x12”)

IMG 0483

Not finished… this is really tricky, its has been a real headache, achieving the texture of the field and keeping the beautiful soft colours of the moring winter light I have found to be really difficult. Pleased with the overall tone, however the middle and background really need something to indicate its a winter field - not a summer cornfield.

Last of the snow, Oil on canvas 12”x12" (2015)

IMG 0456

Finished this one today… I think.. might play around with it for a little. I will be sending it to the ArtCare Open Exhibition. Working this small has been really great for me.

12”x12"Apples and tangerine

IMG 0431

Nearly there!

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