The amesbury archer was able to create jewlery and knives from cooper and gold, he must have been able to recognise the raw material, gold is easier to spot, but copper not so… I have used a strong figure in a an exagerated pose, using the figure to emphasise his humanity… were they really that different…. these materials must have shone out within the landscape.

Amesbury Archer

Really enjoying, exploring the life of the Amesbury Archer. Strong and thoughtful during a warm spring day, enjoying drawing the figure and using him in the landscape.

When is a work finished?

dreaming of home 12x12 mixed media


The Amesbury archer travelled from the Alps bringing with him his knowledge of metalwork, he would have been a master of creating fire thinking of home.



The Amesbury Archer - fundementally was he any different from us?

Exploring oil painting

Exploring my response to the landscape. It was a cold, very windy with bright Spring light. The linseed field was bursting with colour swaying in the busts of blustering wind.

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