Brewing Storm. Salisbury Plain

IMG 3368

A2 size, mixed material. for the BigStone&Rain project. After the Paris bombing the news is full of impending threats.

Just because….

IMG 3311

Exploring materials, with no aim no purpose, its suprisingly absorbing and statisfying. Working with a range of materials found in the workshop. Wood, tissue paper, glitter and charcoal.

Poppies BigStone&Rain

Wanted to draw more into this image. Exploring freedom of paint alongside the symbol of the poppy. 

We will remember them (Nov 5th 2015)

Artist of the Month at the Augustus John

IMG 3104

A delightful, quirky pub, named after the artist Augustus John. The owner likes to promote  local artists work by showcasing their work for a month.  Fitting the work around the fixtures and fittings was a challenge, but its always great to see work together hung in one space. 

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